Cheap Used Truck & Car Parts in

Buying used auto parts in is usually an cheap alternative to buying new auto parts in from your local car parts warehouse or retailer or even from an on-line auto factor store.

There are a number of benefits that come with buying used auto parts in . One of the advantages is that you tend to save a lot of money. Since the units are used, they tend to be much cheaper than new parts.

Although, the units are usually cheaper than new parts, the price that you buy them at depends on where you buy from. For example, if you buy from junk and auto salvage yards in , you will save a lot of money compared to when you buy from auto stores in

Auto stores usually sell re-manufactured parts that are repaired or re-tooled to their original condition. Since the parts are as good as new, they tend to be more expensive than those in the junk yards in but they still cost less than brand new units.

Another advantage of buying used parts is that you can help to save the environment. When you buy the units either from junk or salvage yards in , you keep the materials out of landfills which aids in reducing pollution.

Purchasing used parts in also aids in reducing the need to have new units manufactured. This aids in reducing the materials that would have been used in making new parts. The practice also aids in reducing the amount of fuel that would have been used in the manufacturing process.

It may take some time and creativity to find the exact part, so be patient as there are many different ways to accomplish this goal. But, they fall into three basic approaches: junk yards, classified ads and on-line stores. Let’s look at each one.

Used Auto Parts from Junk Yards in

Most of the salvage yards in are located all together. These yards often sell used auto parts in for low prices if you are able to remove the needed part yourself from one of their wrecked cars or trucks.

Second Hand Auto Parts In from Classified Advertisements

auto part warehouse   Traditionally, used auto parts could be found in the classified ads section of your local newspaper in or grocery store pamphlet/publication. Today, you can add eBay, Craigslist and a few more such websites to this category. Depending on the part, the buyer will need to verify that the current condition will not affect its ability to operate properly as most of these sellers (with the exception of eBay) are anonymous to the buyer.

Know What You Are Buyingin

When you go online to any auto parts store in to purchase a new or rebuilt auto part in , you are putting a huge amount of trust in the retailer. You are paying shipping and handling, but you have no way of knowing if the part will be delivered as advertised, or if the part is actually from the original engine manufacturer. Many times, the part will be dismantled and the one component that was problematic replaced, but the other aged components are built back into the part, ready to fail and leave you with more car trouble in the near future.

When you purchase used parts from a local shop in , you match up car VIN numbers and get true, authentic parts, guaranteed to be issued from the original engine manufacturer.

Get Expert Advice

If you buy used parts from a Napa auto parts in or from pick and pull auto parts in , you get reliable information directly from the handlers who harvested the part. Chances are, if the owners run a successful parts store, they know their way around a car. They can help you find the right part, give you detailed guidance regarding your particular car and provide suggestions on installation.

Getting a car repaired in can be a frustrating process. For those on a budget, purchasing a used part in makes sense. In many cases, it will do the job just as well as a new part but can save you a significant amount of money. The cost of labor alone will be plenty.

Used auto parts are land used Mercedes Parts in largely available and relatively easy to obtain from any auto parts warehouse in but many people are still unaware of the steps that they should take before purchasing and can make some avoidable mistakes. Below are 7 tips for buying used auto parts:

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Do Your Research on Auto Parts Stores in

For someone that doesn’t know much about cars it’s easy to confuse one part with another. Know exactly what part it is that you need and research how much it typically costs. If possible, bring the car part with you to find an exact match.

Scope out the Providers
There are numerous options when purchasing used auto parts. You can buy directly from a junkyard, have your mechanic find used parts for you, or purchase the parts online. Ask around and get recommendations. Check out the businesses online to see if you find any scams or negative feedback. You don’t want to buy used auto parts from a shady company.

Ask about Return/Exchange Policies
There is always a risk factor when buying anything used. You don’t want to buy a part only to have it not work properly. It’s important to feel comfortable knowing that there is a clear return/exchange policy and some kind of warranty. Have a firm understanding of the warrantee before making a purchase. You don’t want to get scammed because you didn’t read the fine print. If they don’t even offer a warranty, find a different place that will.

Get the Part History
How old is the part? How many miles the previous car go? This information can help guide your decision.

Consider Safety
While numerous used car parts are just fine, think twice about parts that directly correlate with safety, especially if you are often driving around passengers and small children. Some parts are best to purchase new.

You Don’t Have to Go to the Big Car Parts Warehouses in

Sure there are plenty of well known national chains that sell used auto parts, like Napa Auto Parts in , but they are likely more expensive and the parts have the same quality as those that you would find at a neighborhood yard or a smaller retailer online. Shop around for used auto parts in .

Do your research and compare prices. Some yards may even be willing to negotiate a price with you.